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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

ChristmaYulaSolstika - finally over.


Since my wife and I are both Pagan/Heathen we don't celebrate Christmas. Instead, we exchange gifts and have friends over on the Solstice and celebrate Yule. So - the 21st went buy easily (since there was only 5 of us, and it was pretty low key)

However, since her family, and mine, celebrate Christmas, we get to do that too. We just exchange gifts with them on their holiday, have turkey dinner and the rest of it. So - after tonnes of commercialist gift buying and giving, lots of hullabaloo and a nice white Christmas (it snowed about 8 inches at her parents house where we spent Christmas day) it was nice to go home and relax for a few days.

Guess now it's time to ramp up for New Years - then we get some time off until Ostara (Pagan Easter, having nothing to do with the death and rebirth of Christ, but instead fertility and growth.)

Anyway - everyone seemed to like their presents...I myself recieved a MuVo slim 512mb MP3 player, a Black & Decker Cordless drill, a beautiful poker chip set, with real ceramic chips....and a bunch of other stuff including a some great books etc.

It was nice to spend time with relatives though, and getting a white Christmas was pretty cool.

Now, back to work for a few days and then it's Ham Dinner...I'm so gonna be packing on some pounds this holiday season. I think it's time to get my but in gear and shed some of these calories I've been packing in.

Seasons Greetings, Frith and Peace to you all.


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