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Thursday, December 23, 2004

I HATE this blog post process.

I just sat for the better part of an hour typing up a (what seemed to me anyway) cool blog post about 18 foot tall mecha, cloned cats (and some logistical and legal problems associated with that) and while I was finishing up the post, putting links in etc. I accidently pressed the "back" button.

Trust me - try this. It's lots of fun. It's sort of like putting something you cherish in an Australian toilet (I hear they flush backwards due to the spin of the earth) and pressing the flush handle. It's gone. No warning - no going back to get's just gone. get what little linkage I squeezed in up above. I think I'm going to go rot my brain reading Sharn: City of Towers and pumping mp3's directly into my head with my new MuVo Slim.

PS - dealing with Creative Labs tech support is ~nearly~ as fun as the flushing of my previous blog post I did earlier. It makes you want to tear out your hair and pollute the air with foul words.

PPS - I've found Firefox for Linux is nearly as much fun as dealing with Creative's tech support. It has me hammering on my desk with frustration. Every time I click in a new text box I manage to lose focus and the abilty to type in any other text box until I perform some as yet undiscovered sequence of keystrokes. I've done them, but not discovered exactly which ones they are. Argh!



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