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Monday, September 26, 2005

Another day...

...another dollar.

At work early this morning, like normal. My wife starts a half hour before I do, and I carpool in with her because I'm a bit lazy. So I'm here really early. Coffee's on, but not ready yet.

I've been reading Wil Wheaton's blog lately, and really enjoying it. So much that I'm going to go out and buy his books he already has out, and am looking forward to his new one, "Do you want kids with that?".

In other news, I've also been using Mozilla Thunderbird, which after my last experiences with it I said I'd never use again. I'm actually liking it this time, and like the ability to see the updates on my favorite websites through RSS feeds.

Wow. My second update this year. I must be bored or something.


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