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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Trek to Get in Shape....

...will be long and fraught with peril.

At least, that's what it seems like right now. I went to the gym with a co-worker last night (not the same one from 4 posts ago) and was fully prepared to get laughed at. I managed not to get laughed at (at least not openly) but I was pretty humbled.

Cardio for 30 Mins. on the elliptical.
Back exercises like Seated Row, Roman Chair (ie. torture device) and others.
Tricep exercises - no idea what they're called, but they hurt.

A little bit of free-weights and some pulley machines mixed together. Afterwords I did 10 more minutes of cardio on the elliptical thing-a-ma-bobber.

All in all I felt pretty good leaving. I was sore, but not hurting. I was tired but not exhausted. I think that's how I'm supposed to feel. I went home, called my mom and talked to her for an hour about my decisions etc. She's not super pumped but understands why I want to do it. Then I got a message from Jesse, my friend who recently signed up as a Combat Engineer. We chatted for a bit and I gave him my address to use as a reference on his incredibly detailed military papers. He promised to keep me informed as best as possible, though I probably won't hear from him more than maybe once during the next 11 weeks he's at basic.

After that it was, feeling guilty. Better try pushups. That was a failure, I ended up having to do knee-pushups and only managed seven. Then I showered and did some neck exercises and crunches because I couldn't manage a situp. I've got a damn long way to go.

Sleep was sounding good so I hit the sack early. 10pm baby. I've hardly gone to bed that early since high school.

Good Morning Blog!


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