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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Derek told me to make an entry.

So here it is.

1) Quake IV is actually fun.

2) 'Nother LAN party coming up at UNBC. I belive "w00t" is the proper form of expression for that.

3) Not much more to put here. I did the 0600 Gym thing again this morning, for the third morning in a row. Didn't last as long as last time, started feeling sick. Need to do it more.

4) Yesterday I was a zombie and spilled V8 juice on my sweater. It sucked. I put it in water and when I was carrying it home I was holding it draped over my arm. It made my crotch wet so I looked like I pissed myself. It sucked.

Yay. An entry.

Here ya go Derek.


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